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Our Coordinated Entry System allows our community to take a coordinated, targeted, and data-driven approach to serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Why Have a Coordinated Entry System?

Through the coordination and management of community resources, the Coordinated Entry System aims to create accessible and equitable pathways to housing. The Coordinated Entry System fosters an environment of collaboration and allows us to take collective responsibility for solving housing crises. The Coordinated Entry System uses data-informed strategic prioritization to ensure that people are connected to the appropriate resources and services.

How does it work?



Creates collaboration across the community between housing providers and access points to effectively refer those most vulnerable to appropriate interventions.




Ensures efficient utilization of community resources through standardized assessment and prioritization.




Increases equity and accessibility to system resources through advocacy, education, and identification of service gaps.


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So, what exactly do we do?

The Coordinated Entry System simplifies the process of seeking resources to help address housing crises by linking people in crisis to housing programs they are eligible for. People are first assessed for housing needs, then prioritized based on indicators of vulnerability before being referred to housing opportunities to help end their experience of homelessness or housing insecurity.

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